Friday, May 22, 2015

Out to Lunch With Rachel

My sister Rachel called this morning and wondered what I was up to. Since I had the day off and also had a little shopping to do, we decided to meet up in Webster and hang out together for a while. We wandered about looking here and there and then went out to lunch together. Panera Bread was crowded, but we found the sunny patio a quiet alternative to the busy hum inside. We both had cameras along, but neither one of us took any pictures.

I find myself pondering my job, the residents, and life. I miss the residents when I'm home and long for a break when I am there. All too often I look into a pair of longing eyes, hold wrinkled hands, and kiss graying foreheads. I smile on the outside, but I hurt inside. I give hugs yet feel hopeless to help. My friends need hope and there is only One I know who holds any hope for any of us. He is the One who held my parents through their final years. He offers something beyond this short and often painful life, something everyone of us comes to need eventually, but something not all of us will find, or even want.

Life feels short, too short.

I accidentally happened upon some chance photos this evening. I'd been trying to capture the evening sunlight resting on the barn and orchard, but captured a pair of hummingbirds and my yawning cat instead. There are times when having a camera already in hand comes in... well... handy. It's hard enough to capture one hummingbird, let alone two. They're pretty selfish when it comes to the feeder and will even chase their own mate away. Imagine that! Ha! I will admit, I have been known to chase someone away from my food too. And he has been known to say, "Who ate my..."

Tomorrow promises to be busy and full. I should do some house cleaning, at least the guest room, and there are pizzas to be baked too. I suppose a good night's rest is in order. It's going to be a busy fun-filled week. :0)


  1. Oh Martha, your assessment of your day at work, touches my heart. When I see Elizabeth this week, I'm going to share with her what you are doing. She will be pleased. She remembers you fondly.

  2. I enjoyed shopping and lunch with you. I like sister days! :)
    Your pictures are awesome! Enjoy your funfilled week.