Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A Surprise Shower

We surprised Bethany with a baby shower at her house on Sunday afternoon. Those daughters in law of mine are great schemers. Beth had no clue as to our plans.

Sabrina and Michele did a wonderful job of planning, decorating, and delegating. Flowers graced the tables and filled miniature bird cages. There were fancy, pink flower cupcakes, fruit salad, bruschetta, slices of French bread with egg salad, and raspberry lemonades in mason jars. We played only one game of scrambled baby items, and everyone left with a sample sized bottle of lotion or soap.

After opening the first gift and spying something pink, Bethany turned suddenly emotional and looked as though she might cry. I think she had all but given up on her dream of having a little girl. She  pulled herself together and held back the tears this time.Almost all of us brought something cute for the new little princess to wear, and there were a few fun items thrown in the mix too. Now I can hardly wait until the next shower! :0)

I was blessed to have all of my most favorite girls in attendance, even though Ben and Morgan are no longer a couple. She's been with us for over a year and a half and I was blessed to have her there.


  1. Aw...surprises are so fun! I'm sure she was touched...what a nice thing to do!

  2. It was a nice little shower. :)