Sunday, May 24, 2015

Two Pizza Parties

What is a mom to do when one of her kids can't make it to the Saturday evening Pizza Party? "Can we have pizza night again on Sunday?" she had asked. I felt bad for her. She really wanted to be there, but a prior commitment made her presence impossible. 

She had no idea of the secret plans for Sunday afternoon, but they hadn't involved pizza, so I did what any mom might do and said, "Not to worry. There will be time for more pizza. Enjoy your family reunion." And then I began scheming how to fit another pizza party in on Sunday evening. After thinking a little bit, I sent her a private message. "I'll see if I can get another pizza party together on Sunday. Maybe having pizza two nights in a row isn't such a bad idea."

And she said, "For reals?!? Yay!" Almost like she was shocked.

She called me this afternoon to find out when the pizza would be ready. I told her around five thirty. She was anxious to see her brother and his family and so she asked if they could pick up some sausage and come for lunch. My mind started to spin. "I have to go somewhere this afternoon." I told her. It felt lame, but it was true.

There was a twinge of disappoint- ment in her voice and I hoped she wouldn't be too sad while Adam kept her busy so we could decorate her house and surprise her with a baby shower while Jim and Michele are in town.

I am pleased to report the whole affair was a grand success. Bethany was totally surprised and very pleased as well. We had a second Pizza Night after the pink baby shower, and I even got to take a photograph of all my grandchildren in one spot. (Photos to follow.) Very cool!

It was a good day.


  1. Martha.......that is just the best!!!! A total surprise is sooooo much fun. I'm sure you have had a wonderful weekend :-) :-)

    Marilyn from Canada

  2. You are quite the schemer. Everything looks delicious.

  3. Did you make these pizzas?

    1. I had some help from James (my husband), Dave (my son), and Michele. Aren't they pretty?

  4. You are the greatest! This past week left my heart full and Sunday was such a gift in more ways than one!