Saturday, May 02, 2015

Two Days Done

My feet are tired and achy tonight. The last two days have been full and I am learning so much. In the midst of learning I have had a few moments to love on some sweet residents. Most of them have been more than patient and I am grateful.

Today I had a nice conversation with one of the more spry residents. E. is in her 90's and her son was in to visit her the other night. It's a challenge just learning the names of the residents on our wing, much less the names of their family, but E caught my attention today when I realized the names of her son and daughter in law were familiar. Once upon a time, many years ago, we may have gone to church with them. (It is a small world after all.) Now I'm looking forward to meeting him some day and finding out if my memory is working properly.

There are plenty of moments during the day that make me smile and here and there a few that make my heart hurt. A nursing home is often the final residence and there is often sadness in the eyes of those who know their time is short. They often feel rejected and unloved even if family visit regularly. All we can do is love them and try to reassure them whenever and wherever possible. Sometimes our friends are lonely and I find myself wishing I could just sit and listen to them tell their stories. That would be a cool job, don't you  think?

Okay, time for me to go to bed. It's almost 9:30 pm!
(Pictures from Thursday.)


  1. It is sad to think that's their final home on earth... I'm glad you're there to love on them. I'm sure they find some comfort in telling their life stories.

    1. Sometimes I can get the to talk. It's a little harder with the men. They tend to be more frustrated and angry than the women and I'm not sure how to help them with that.

  2. How fun that you know them from the past!

    Are you wearing some supportive sneakers? :) What did you wear on your feet during day care with the flowers? I know you were on your feet all day then! ha.

    1. I am wearing my Merrells. They helped me up the mountain last August and they're good shoes. My feet just aren't used to being used all day long.