Monday, May 04, 2015

A Long Post About My Day Off

I made it through my third 12-hour day yesterday and today I got to "rest." I did laundry, cleaned the kitchen, and met my friend Jo for lunch. I got home from my lunch date in time to take Sofie for a walk in the orchard. It was a gorgeous afternoon!

Sof was thrilled to be out in the sunshine. She thinks she was the leader but I really made the decisions.

We'd no sooner started our walk than I heard a tractor come into the orchard and turn on its sprayer. Blah. Those things can ruin a good walk.

We managed to stay away from the sprayer and met up with the tractor at the far corner of our yard where the driver was kind enough to stop his rounds of the trees until we were well up into the yard, halfway to the house.

Rachel arrived at my house a little after 2 pm and we went out to visit Tim. We found him sitting in a comfy chair. He didn't jump up like usual so I plopped down next to next to him and took a picture.

We had a nice ride, with Tim clicking along with Dad's music on the CD player. At some point, not too far into the ride, he started grinding his teeth, something he's never done with us before. Turns out he needs an extraction. :(

Partway through our ride I mentioned something about Rachel being his favorite sister. I wish I'd been ready to capture the way he looked at her. Sweet. We took one too many selfies when we got back and Tim was more than done with the attention. (A little acting out...) We got him back into the house and settled into his chair. Rachel kissed and told him that she loved him. I gave him a kiss, looked into his face, said "I love you," and I was blessed to hear him say it back to me.

It's been a good day. My feet are still tired and achy, but ibuprofen takes off the edge. Tomorrow I will deposit my first paycheck and buy myself a pair of TEDs. And, I'm going back to Ladies' Prayer for the first time in eight weeks.


  1. Your first paycheque? How cool is that?
    Lunch with a friend...
    Lovely day with your brother and sister...
    And a walk in the orchard....perfect!
    Enjoy your evening....
    Linda :o)

    1. Pretty cool!
      Yes, it was a very nice day.

  2. Paychecks are fun! :)

    Love the boys get 'done' with photos really fast. ha. Hope his extraction goes smoothly. He doesn't look like he feels 100%.

    You had a fun day!

    1. He doesn't look 100% at all. :0(
      I'm wondering when they're going to do the procedure... No one asked for consent and they typically do. Maybe I'll call tomorrow and see if I can find out. His tooth probably started hurting after he crunched down that half pack of Breathsavers.

      I did enjoy my day.

  3. A very good say. Wish Molly and Sophie could have a run in your orchard together.
    Love the pictures of you and Rachel and Tim. Hope all goes well with the tooth. Ouch.

    1. Sofie would love the company and I'm sure Molly would love the orchard.

      I feel bad for the poor guy with an achy tooth. It's so hard when he can't just say, "Hey, my tooth hurts."

      Yes, it was a very good day.