Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Which One is the Cooler Cat?

I had some fun with my camera yesterday. Kind of making up for working three days in a row and not having it close at hand. Maybe I went overboard, but you know how I like to take pictures. Digital photography has been a gift in so many ways.

So back to the cats...

We have two cats, Oreo and Little Cat. They are of the "mature" variety, both of them well over ten years old. Little Cat was born in our kitchen back on September 1, 2000. Oreo came to stay a year previous, so he is 16 years old.

Little Cat is the typical "scaredy cat." She hides from strangers, runs from the noise of plastic grocery bags, and is afraid of thunder. Although she appears aloof, she is really very affectionate in a safe, secure environment. When I sit on the couch, she often comes to look in my face and pat my arm.

Oreo is a brave soul who never (or at least very rarely) ran from dogs or small children. He often gives the back of my leg a smack as I walk around outside. He talks loudly, and likes attention. He also likes to be up high enough when we eat so as to peer at our plates in hopes of getting a taste, or at the very least a good look at it. Once upon a time he was brave enough to reach out and put his paw on my pizza, Not cool. Not cool at all.

Years back both our cats took up the habit of drinking out of the fish bowl. Now that the fish is dead and gone, we keep a fish bowl around to water the cats. I'm just a little weird like that.

And then, the other day I saw another cat... He doesn't live here, at least not officially. I don't know where he is from or how old he is. I'm fairly certain he shares my cats' food dishes when we are not looking, but I've never seen him in the house. I just happened to spot him watching me from the corner of the barn as I was out shooting picture last night. He's kind of cute, but I think Oreo has claimed the "Cooler Cat" status.


  1. I like the white tip on Oreo's tail. :)

    Your intruder is looking right at you! He doesn't look too neglected...so handsome!

    1. Did you send that cat Betsy?
      Love the pic of Oreo drinking out of the puddle....
      You have a few days off now Martha?
      Enjoy your week...
      Linda :o)

    2. I go back tomorrow and Thursday and then I have a four day weekend. Minnesota is coming!

  2. I've always liked cats....but I cannot have one. Audra is allergic to them.