Friday, July 26, 2013

The Home Stretch

We're in the home stretch. Mommy and Daddy started for home today and will likely return sometime tomorrow. Last week I tried not to think about how many days were left and today I can hardly believe the time is almost gone. I have mixed emotions. I am actually going to miss these small, sticky, somewhat loud, and messy creatures. It will seem way too quiet for a time, probably a short time, and a trek across the living room or through the kitchen will not be rewarded with a handful or more of scattered toys, but I know two little people who, although they haven't fussed and cried for them, are looking forward to the return of their mommy and daddy. And when morning comes the following day, there will be no small boy in my room pointing out the window and informing me, "It's sunny!" when I am struggling to keep even one eye open.

Next week is Vacation Bible School at the church we attend. Hannah will be there to help with sound and my other "little flowers" will have returned from out of town just in time for some VBS fun. My plan is to clean up all the crumbs and sticky spots in my house, knock down a few spider webs, and clean out my refrigerator while I have the house (almost) to myself. And maybe, just maybe I'll catch up with a friend one morning and meet up for coffee or breakfast.

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  1. Today I am tired and I think these two small people are tired too.