Thursday, July 04, 2013

Prickly Pear

Summer is just getting under way and I am beginning to panic. Although I am fairly certain my anxiety is hormonally induced, that knowledge does little to alleviate the agitation of the moment. I am hoping the next few days find me feeling calmer and more loving, much more loving, because, to be honest, today I am finding people in general nothing short of annoying. *sigh*

Yesterday morning I found the gift of dew drops scattered like miniature diamonds across the grass in the front lawn. I was on my way back from collecting the morning newspaper when the tiny water droplets caught my eye. After depositing the paper in the house I returned to the front yard with my camera in order to capture the moment.

Today my daughters and I went to an Independence Day picnic hosted by my uncle. We packed six of us, including two children in car seats, two dishes to pass, several oxygen tanks, and umbrella stroller into my Mazda 5. There was no room left over for chairs, so we went without them and hoped someone would have an extra or two. I think Mazda 5's should come equipped with a roof rack and several bungee cords.

The park where we met is an hour from my house and just around the corner from my uncle's. It consists of a large picnic pavilion, a small play- ground, and large open soccer field. The restroom is a handicap accessible portable john on the far side of the parking lot. Mom didn't do so well getting there and back, even with my help, and I felt rather negligent when her oxygen tank actually appeared to be empty. Once we got her back to her seat and connected to a full tank, she made a good recovery, but when we got home again this evening, she put herself right to bed.


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    1. Aren't they cool? I did a double take when I first saw them. The sun had been up for quite some time, but since the front yard is shaded, all the dew drops remained.