Thursday, March 07, 2013

Precious Memory

In a concerted effort to make up for lost computer time, I am writing a third post today, but the first one scarcely counts. It was mostly a picture. :0)

Tomorrow begins a new set of eye drops for Mom. I expect she will be full of questions as to why, and I will likely answer them for the next several days. I'm going in prepared, or at least I'm trying to.

Yesterday morning took us back to the eye doctor for another check on Mom's progress. Tuesday evening at dinner, I told her I would be helping her with a shower as we had an appointment with Dr. Lerner in the morning. "Dr. Lerner!" she replied with a smile, "I haven't seen him in a long time." (She saw him last week.) Though she remembered the good doctor Tuesday evening, by the time Wednesday morning arrived, she again appeared clueless. Rocky had a better idea of where we were going than Mom.

At supper we were surprised to have Mom comment on a miniscule bit of raw broccoli, part of our garden salad, stuck in the end of my hair. James commented on her vision and asked how she liked her new eye, but Mom has forgotten all about the procedure she had done three weeks ago. The second one, scheduled for this coming Monday, will be another new experience for her.

Tonight, when supper was over and Mom headed out to the kitchen, she stopped to look at my white board. Having neglected to post an update on today, the board was still sporting "yesterday's news". Mom stopped to look at the board which said "Dr. Lerner- March 6, 11 am".
"What's this?" she asked.
"Oh, that's from yesterday," I said.
She replied, "Did we go to that?" and I felt myself get sad inside.

But my mother is not miserable. She spent the morning fielding questions from Rocky and reading her a story. The child once again climbed in and out of Grandma's chair, and on and off her lap. Grandma tolerated the attention, even though she'd prefer to read her newspaper in peace, and I took pictures because the moments were just too sweet to pass up.

PS. This afternoon at lunch Rocky was reciting The Lord's Prayer. She does remarkably well for a being just three, but then her daddy is a pastor... I had to coach her a tad, but smiled when she said, " ... and lead us not to vacation..."


  1. Broccoli in your hair? Well, that's a new way to get rid of your broccoli. And here I was trying to feed it to the dog.

    I should come and visit with Grandma sometime. I miss her.

  2. I'm sure your mom isn't miserable...just pleasantly clueless! :) And if something doesn't please her, she will forget soon enough. Seeing the broccoli is a great way to prove her eye is better!

    lead us not to vacation. Oh, that is priceless. hahaha. I want to be led there!

  3. I felt a bit sad that I was there yesterday and never visited with her. I mean, she was right there with us, but her mind seemed far away and she really didn't talk much at all. Maybe it was the overwhelming paper from Tim's place that she was trying to take in and just couldn't. I think she stared at it the whole time I was there. :(

    1. Sorry about that, Rachel. I didn't mean for her to have to figure it out. I don't typically leave those things where she will find them and that is exactly why, but once she has it, it doesn't feel right to take it away either.

      But don't feel too bad. She is normally that way when anyone visits. Most times it's her newspaper that has her distracted. (We should have done the puzzle.) :P