Sunday, March 24, 2013

An Added Surprise

It's Palm Sunday. I arrived in this world one Palm Sunday in 1964, and so Palm Sunday has always been an extra special day, almost like a second birthday, and today it really was. My girls put their heads together and threw me a birthday party. It was a wonderful event with almost everybody available to help celebrate and make the day special. We were only missing a few family members and half of those live much too far away to come.
I had all my sweet, ram- bunctious grand- children in one place, and five of my seven children. Talk about blessed! We ate together, played and colored, shared some yummy cupcakes and ice cream, and I soaked up the wonder of my grandbabies.

I think my little grand-daughter has one of the sweetest faces I have ever seen. Then again perhaps she just looks so very much like my own babies that I can't help but find her irresistible.

What a great way to end one week and start another! I'll go to sleep smiling tonight.


  1. Wow, 2 birthday celebrations, how awesome is that?!! I agree, that granddaughter of yours does have a sweet face. Glad you had another fun day! :)

    1. It was a very, very nice second birthday.

  2. I agree. She does have a sweet face.

  3. Well Birthday fabulous was that?!
    You are a very lucky lady, Martha..
    And...yes...I agree..your granddaughter is precious!!!

    Enjoy the rest of your day...glad you are smiling!!

    Linda :o)