Tuesday, March 05, 2013


I have something to write, but I just can't think of what it is...

My befuddled brain is relatively calm at the moment, but not calm enough to draw deep thoughts into comprehensible paragraphs. Sunday night found me driving west on Rt 104 after dropping Hannah off at church in town. I was headed to our old church in Webster, the one where I still attend Ladies' Prayer and Bible study on Tuesday mornings when Mom doesn't have eye doctor appointments. Pastor Ray read through Psalm 55 which was totally appropriate to how I had been feeling, and I felt some more of the tension drain out of my body. It was a short Bible study and then they broke up into groups for prayer. I na strange atmosphere I would have been somewhat freaked out, but I already knew all but one or two people. I went home relieved that evening, and was blessed again today at being able to gather with the women.

So, yes, I am feeling more relaxed, and I also have some near future plans for ironing out some other tensions. This is good. Maybe one day my little brain will no longer be quite so befuddled and I will write something grand and glorious. (Well, it could happen.)


  1. Don't you just love it when scripture or a sermon or something someone shares is exactly what you needed? You know God orchestrated it just for you! :) I'm glad you had that experience today.

    So, is this Little Cat? Aww...he's perfectly adorable! I love the whole photo..everything about it...pose, colors, background...beautiful!

    1. Yes, this is Little Cat, except "he" is actually a she. Big, orange, and tough-skinned like a tomcat, but really just a sweet and skittish little girl. Bo Cat was her momma. There were three orange kittens in the litter and two were female. Go figure.

      And yes, I knew the scripture was for me. Love when God does that!

  2. You don't sound befuddled to me...
    You sound like you are in total control of things...
    You run a nice tight little ship down there...
    That....is... grand and glorious...
    It speaks of your heart, Martha...
    That cat and afghan are adorable...

    Linda :o)

    1. My mom made me this afghan for my 22 birthday long ago. It is my dearest and favorite gift.

    2. Thank you. I think so too. :)

    3. You must really cherish it, Martha...
      It is beautiful!!!