Friday, June 10, 2011

Watchful Eyes

Mother and Father robins do not appreciate outside interest in their babies, but I am interested none the less, and so I keep peeking. It is good that we have a handy dandy doghouse parked up near the barn window, one with a two-tier roof that is relatively easy to climb upon. It comes in quite helpful when I want to get a nice close up of hungry baby birds.

Mommy and Daddy Robin really need not fear me. I will not touch their little ones unless they are in mortal danger, and I promise to chase away any naughty cats that see them as an easy meal. I wish them the best with their little family and hope one day the baby birds fly safely away to raise families of their own. In the meantime I plan to keep a watchful eye myself. In fact, I think I'll go sit out on the back porch and have a gander their direction.


  1. Oh what perfect shots, Martha...

    We have 6 young doves now coming to our feeder with the parents.

    Love watching them all.

  2. I want a picture of you climbing on the doghouse!!!!! :D : D Cindy

  3. Cindy? Is that my Cindy? Cause if it is, I was just thinking of you the other day.

  4. I would not be able to resist watching them, either!!

  5. MR. and Mrs. Morning dove are working on their third family here on my porch.