Monday, June 20, 2011

A Dwindling Garden

My little "flower garden" is dwindling. School is almost over, just one more day of preschool tomorrow and then a few scattered "flowers" through the end of the week. By this time next week I will be down to one little "blossom." She will come a few times a week through the summer and I hope to have some fun while she is with me. I think we'll plan some field trips, pack some lunches, and pray for good weather. Maybe one day we'll visit Della.

My little "Vinegar" has a birthday tomorrow. He will be two on his last day here. He has taught me some good lessons, challenged me, and captured our hearts. Our days just won't be the same without him running aimless while looking over his shoulder to see if we notice. I might even get some outside work done but I'm going to miss him terribly. Maybe he'll come visit...

I guess it's time to catch up with the Father's Day remnants in my kitchen, throw the clothes in the dryer, and vacuum the floor. It won't stay done but the effort will be good for me... maybe.


  1. One little blossom this summer? Aw...she'll love the one-on-one attention. And I'm sure you'll love the less hectic days.

    Love the header photo!

  2. You have such an simply lovely garden.. Large or small, you picutres of the flowers allways bring a smile.

    Today I will get to see my great grandsons...Perhaps I'll borrow your phrase, and call them my garden.