Thursday, June 09, 2011

Say What?

Kids say funny things. If one takes the time to listen it can be quite hilarious. One of my small flower children loves words and has quite the repertoire stashed away in her little mind. Though she often remembers the words she is also a little off on either the meaning or the correct pronunciation.

The girls were playing a game. Each was a different character and this time they were girls. "My girl's name is Average," said one. My ears perked up. Average did several things in the game and though I longed to listen further, I had a pressing matter and had to leave the room. I whispered to Hannah, "She's a girl named Average." When I returned Hannah smiled and told me Average had changed her name... to Glimmer. Too funny. She had been just an average girl up until the name change.

Yesterday the same child was singing a little song. "Skip to the loo," she sang. I smiled again and wondered if that was anything like running to the outhouse.


  1. From Average, to Glimmer...that's quite a stretch. How cute is that?

  2. I just love the transformation of Average to Glimmer!! I adore that story!!

  3. I love that too! Also love the group picture. :)

  4. Cute.
    Your cushion covers are almost done.