Monday, June 07, 2010

Say What?

Grandma took a little nap at the dining room table today. She removed her hearing aide for comfort's sake and when she woke up found it missing. She is fairly certain a small boy must have picked it up and walked off with it, but his mother is just as certain he did not. In any case, Grandma is missing one of her hearing aides.

We stopped by Grandma's house on the way to and from the nursing home service tonight. We looked on the floor and round about for the missing audio device, but it was not to be found. I wonder if perhaps it clung to Grandma's sleeve when she got up from the table? I hope it turns up because I'd hate to see Lukie charged with theft. He so young.

Photo courtesy of Nathan.


  1. oh dear. He has a cute mug shot though.

  2. Uhoh, that is not good. I really hope she finds it. I wouldn't be so certain that Lucas didn't take it, he is one very busy little guy. Did they search the garbage? Maybe he threw it away.

  3. Boy, do I relate to this. Check the dog.... they love hearing aids.

    Yikes, I would hate to lose one of mine...replacement would be very expensive. Does your mom have the digital ones?

  4. Well, Leta says she got Lucas up from his nap and took him directly to the back porch. She doesn't think he took it. But, these are the kind of things that cause undo tension, one of the reasons Dave and Leta feel like they need to move eventually.

    Wanda, no dog there, only Lucas. :(