Friday, June 04, 2010

Garden Work

It has been a busy week of tending "flowers". Lucas and Simon came to play on Wednesday and brought back memories of changing stinky diapers, listening to the baby cry, and having the phone ring all at the same time. The girls, ever demanding, were really very good and I was grateful they are old enough to eat lunch on the back porch by themselves. Hannah had gone to clean a house with Leta and I was on my own.

I found that the girls are just as suspicious of Lucas as they are of Josh. Bella was sitting in her car seat on the back porch when Lucas came along and plopped himself down on her lap. It really was cute, but she did not think so. I am beginning to think these two need to spend a bit more time with little ones.


  1. Lucas looks so much like's fun to see the many resemblances throughout your family in all the pictures you post! It's great that the grandkids live close by & you can establish a strong bond with are blessed!!

  2. He does look very much like his daddy, doesn't he? And, yes, I am blessed in spite of myself.

  3. you are blessed and you are happy!

  4. Oh what a doll. I really need to get over and see my little Matthew and Issac again...they grow so fast, if you wait several weeks, they have already changed.

    I'll get to see and play with them after Marc's graduation next week.