Friday, June 25, 2010

Never, Never Land

I am not really a Skywatch Friday participant, but found myself taking sky pictures this evening. After dropping Ben off at camp tonight, we stopped by Fort Ontario in Oswego, and were blessed with a unique sight. A tall ship was just returning to port and the sun was dropping low in the sky. After posting about "Tinkerbell" this morning, I couldn't help but think of Captain Hook and Never, Never Land tonight.

Sunset in the comapny of the Oswego lighthouse was magnificent. Although the Fort was closed for the evening, we did enjoy a walk around the perimeter. It was a beautiful night.


  1. Great photos! You have an eye for it.

  2. Oh should really consider signing up with SWF. These are amazing... I just might have to borrow these for one of my weeks.

    I running out of skies....must get on a sky shoot soon.

  3. Aren't we so fortunate to live in an area where we can appreciate some of God's "picturesque" works? Of course, you do have a way of capturing it!! When I would drive my girls to SUNY Oswego everyday, I marveled at how that lake could look so different everytime I looked at it.. like it had it's own personality!! We grew up camping / having a camp up at Southwick's, and we had great Summers. I saw that ship on the news last night, and my daughter remembers us taking them up to the museum to tour the different ships that came in when they were younger. Take care, Martha!!

  4. Okay, now where is that lost boy?

    you and James got to stroll alone in the evening light along the water?
    How romantical! NO don't tell it's not so, I so want one dream not to be shattered!

  5. Wow! I'm thinking you'll want to make prints, especially of the one with the ship.
    Looks like someone is ready for a High Seas Adventure. (our VBS theme next week)

  6. Wow...just beautiful! That first one looks like it's done in sepia! It's like a postcard!