Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Taking a Break Today

Wednesday's can be a little hectic. Today I added to the activity by agreeing to take Ben to a class in the next town... at lunchtime... with four children in tow. Rather than going all the way home and then running back out less than an hour later, I decided to take the little ones to McDonald's for lunch. Hey, why not? I used to be a pro at managing multitudes of munchkins.

It went rather well. I ordered 3 kid-sized orange Hi-C's and a #10 meal, size large. I split the 10 piece chicken nuggets between the kids (okay, I ate two), we shared the fries, and I got to keep the diet coke for myself. Emma did not think she should eat the chicken (She's a little funny that way..) but I told her it was her lunch and she was going to eat them. There were only three and she ate them without complaint. Lucas did not eat his very well. He liked the drink best, especially because it had a straw.

I returned to retrieve Ben on time but had to sit in the parking lot and wait for him to come out. We waited and waited; 20 minutes worth! Emma thought we should drive off and leave him there. I changed diapers on the front seat of my van. One was stinky and the other just wet. We waited some more. I began to feel terribly uncomfortable and had a hard time sitting still... Diet coke does not stay in the system long and I knew I would never make it home safe and dry, so I hauled everyone out of the vehicle and into the building where Ben was just ready to come out. "Hold these," I said, handed him the babies, and the girls and I headed off to find a restroom.

We totally missed the earthquake.


  1. McDonalds for lunch...yum.

    Coke..oh yea...and coffee, and OJ...I do the same thing! ha.

  2. Oh, you ARE the nice kind of gramma! Changing diapers on the front seat, now that is something I can relate to. I rather miss it!

  3. Oh my grandsons love MacDonalds. I take my hat off to you to tackle all the kids ....could just see you heading to the restroom with all the girls in tow.....

  4. Well now, aren't you glad that I am able to do the rest of the days? Thanks for that. Where was Hannah? You could've gone to my house... Gramma Jo was here with Josh for the day.

  5. I thought you were working at the daycare yesterday. Hannah was cleaning Julie's house with Leta. Taking the kids out was an adventure. Only the waiting for Ben was difficult.