Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lessons in Parchment Paper

I decided to try a new cookie recipe, Homemade Oreo Cookies. Things were going well, the dough looked good and smelled wonderful. It tasted good too, but I was missing parchment paper to bake them on. A quick run to the local grocery store. Now, I have never used parchment paper. It seemed a wonderful way to bake cookies. No greasing of the baking sheet and easy cleanup. The first sheet worked like a charm. Twenty perfect circles were on the table cooling when the timer went off for the second sheet. I opened the oven, grabbed the edge of the cookie sheet, and started to remove it from the oven...

My husband heard my desperate cries. "No, no, no! No, no!" I cried. The oven was billowing smoke already! The slippery paper had slid right off the sheet, turned upside down, and dumped my precious cookies into the bottom of the oven where they were quickly turning to charcoal. My Darling came to the rescue and helped me scoop the blackened remains from the floor of the "cookie furnace."I learned a quick lesson about parchment paper and flat baking sheets.

The remaining cookies turned out pretty good in spite of it all, and I may have to attempt another batch tomorrow as I have a little bit too much filling left over. (No surprise there.) What I'd really like to try making are those Dutch Windmill cookies. If only I could find a good cookie mold...


  1. Tasty! Bring me one! I am dying for a few more pimples! (From eating too many cookies.)

  2. How frustraTING TO LOSE YOUR COOKIES IN THE BOTTom (Oh Dave, stop that!!!!!) of the oven. So how'd they taste, like Oreos? :9

  3. You are a pretty amazing baker. Remember when we discussed opening a bakery? I still think you would be really good!

  4. Baking can be fun, but baking around little people is complicated. Perhaps I shall try some new recipes this summer whilst my little ones are absent.

  5. Oh dear! I can't wait to see the finish product. I use parchment paper all the time....I love it. But my cookie sheets are so thick with patina and a little sticky that the sheets don't slide off. ha.

  6. I'm with cookie sheets are as old as the hills, all have edges, and blacken with use.

    My parchment paper doesn't have a chance to slip off.

    The cookies do look wonderful.