Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Talking the Walk

I enjoy our orchard walks very much. Last night we walked with Nate, but James and I typically walk alone. It is a chance to think and share together, to talk as we walk, build on our relationship, and sort thoughts. It's also a chance for a small amount of much needed exercise.

Many thoughts are once again tumbling about in my mind. Life is a myriad of experiences which shape us into the people we are. Like the trees in the orchard, we are trimmed and pruned until we bear the fruit God desires. I have learned that the pruning and clipping of apple trees is never really done, and neither is the hand of God ever done shaping and molding me. Though it sometimes hurts, I know it is always done in love, with my best interest in mind.

It rained on and off all day today; a little rain, a little sunshine, a little more rain. (Another picture of life...) We did not go out to play this afternoon as the ground never dried up and the dirt under the swing set was too muddy. Maybe we will get a chance to run around in the yard tomorrow.


  1. Time to reflect and share ones thoughts. I like that.

    Tonight was our MasterLife 2 hour Prayer Workshop. 10 ladies, each finding a private nook in the church with Bible, and Prayer Guides...

    After 2 hours, they didn't want it to end. Silence and Solitude in this day and age is priceless.

  2. I think about those things, too, when I am on my (almost) daily walk.
    We had the same weather here, yesterday. And today... :-(

  3. Our time to share and reflect is just after dinner when it's just the two of us still at the table. Usually it's over a cup of tea...sometimes dessert. It's become my favorite time of the day...even though it only lasts about 15 minutes in this crazy household! :)

  4. What a lovely spot to be able to walk and reflect. Andy and I really need to do more of this. We try to take a walk down by the river each evening but it's hard with the kids and all their activities in the evenings.