Sunday, June 06, 2010


'You shall love your neighbor as yourself.'
Mark 12:31

I talked to a friend the other day. She asked if I was okay and I laughed. "I'm feeling selfish," I admitted. Her answer surprised me on one hand and didn't on another. "There's nothing wrong with that!" she said. I didn't argue with her, after all we all feel selfish sometimes, it's part of being human, but how I respond to that feeling says much about who I am.

According to the Book, I am to put the needs of others ahead of myself, to think of them first. This is where some of my biggest tests come into play. Can I put my wants, needs, and desires aside in order to benefit another? Not so easy, and especially not so easy to do with a smile on my face. Though I fail time and again, with God's help I am able.


  1. yeah, it's really not easy, and it gives me a tension headache. Can you say no to keeping a grand kid over night?

  2. You sure picked the perfect picture for your post...

    I can just here "Mine, Mine, Mine"

    The selfishness of childhood, sure can creep into adulthood...!! Don't we all fight it?

  3. I hear ya, it's not easy. :\