Monday, June 21, 2010

To the Library, Library, Library

School will soon be out for the summer. Since it has been my practice to read stories before the girls take an afternoon rest, we took a ride to the local library after lunch, actually two local libraries. (Priscilla would be proud.)

We have been enjoying stories by Cynthia Rylant. She writes about Little Whistle, a guinea pig who lives in a cage at the back of a toy store. When the shades go down at night, he wakes up and climbs out of his cage for an adventure. There are three Little Whistle books and I was hoping to find the third at the library in Ontario. Mission successful.

Though I know I can leave returned books at any participating library location, I decided to take the Williamson books back to the Williamson Library instead of leaving them in Ontario. The girls enjoy both libraries and were more than happy to visit two in one day. At Williamson a new book caught my eye. Something about the pictures...

We were almost home again when Emma's voice came from the back seat. "Where's Panda?" she inquired. Panda, it seems, had not been paying attention when we checked out our library books and headed for the door. The girls were too busy rushing for the handicap buttons at the exit to remember a small round bear. I turned the van around and headed back to town where I found Panda playing hide and go seek in the children's area. He didn't appear distressed in the least.


  1. Oh Martha...I just love reading your blog! I remember library trips with the boys when they were little. I wish Austin would sit for book reading, but he just isn't there yet:-) Maybe soon...I love the books as much as the kids!

  2. Me too, Pam. I must keep an ample supply of children to read to. My kids were always climbing on Grandpa's lap with a book and he always obliged.

  3. Love children's books.

    Love reading to grandchildren.

    Those two look like winners.

  4. Fun!!! I tell you, the picture books are still some of my favorites.

    You are never too old to check out picture books to simply enjoy on your own if you don't have little ones around!