Thursday, May 15, 2008

This Place is For the Birds

Yesterday I saw my little hummingbird. It buzzed past the feeder as I was out on the back porch. I have looked and looked for a tiny lichen covered nest in the bushes by the house but have yet to spot anything. I do like to watch the adults hover by the feeder abut also think it would be cool to find the nest.

We have two robin nests to watch, one in our birch tree by the house and one down back on a plank leaning against the old migrant shack. While I was out snapping pictures Hannah and I saw a pair of goldfinches playing on the tire swing. I have never been much of a bird watcher but each year these little creatures draw me in a little more. Maybe if I had time to sit and watch without feeling pressed to get up and "do" something I would actually see and learn much more. I'm afraid I have a severe form of adult ADD. I can't seem to sit still for more than a few minutes (unless of course I am sleeping).


  1. Our hummingbirds are back, too!
    I love to watch the birds, too. Nice pics.

  2. Oooo! How fun! I like the nest perched precariously on top of the plank. What daring bird built that nest, I wonder?

  3. It was a robin and her nest almost got tossed in the fire. Good thing for her Nathan noticed the nest perched up there or her four little eggs would have been lost.

  4. I love watching the birds. I just found out at my orientation yesterday that there is a librarian devoted to ornothology. (and also one for the Food Network) Dad is making me a birdhouse. Maybe he'll make you one too.