Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Good Beehaviour

The weather is finally warming up here by the Lake. Yesterday the bees were busy pollinating every flower in sight and they are out again today. The lilacs and honeysuckles sound like giant beehives. I know the real hives are setting out in the orchard and I wouldn't dare get too close to them. Here in my own yard it is a little intimidating, but I couldn't resist trying to get a good close up picture. Trouble is they don't stay still for long so I have to be quick.

James and they kids have been busy too. they have been stacking firewood and cleaning up all the debris that has collected in our yard. Waste lumber, tree bark, sticks, branches,... they all need to be picked up and thrown into the burn pile. Its looking better out there already. Once the grass is cleaned up the boys will have a much easier time mowing. We are also thinking about our vegetable garden which needs to go in soon. I can't wait to pick a nice juicey tomato or a fresh cucumber!

I'm feeling sleepy again this afternoon. It has been a quiet and relaxed kind of day so far. Monday was my wild day this week. I took Nate up to Rochester for his immunization appointment so he can travel to El Salvadore this summer, picked up Troy from school, retrieved Hannah and her friend from horseback riding lessons, and went to a VBS meeting after supper. It's nice to sit here in the quiet and listen to the birds outside while Troy takes his nap. Maybe I'll close my eyes for a few minutes too.


  1. I have got to keep my fingers crossed that we have more honey bees this year than we had last. It is sad that so many things in Nature have been killed by the use of chemicals and now things like cell phones are causing navigational problems.

    I like the photo of your bee. It shows the pollen collected. Pretty neat.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog.

  2. Shhhh..... Type quietly, everyone. We don't want to wake Martha from her nap. :-)

    (Hope you got a good one!)

  3. I love the title of this post! What great pictures Martha!

  4. You and Abe and the bees ~~~ very interesting his theory.

    I love your pictures, they are wonderful.

    Love and Hugs

  5. :) Your getting mighty good with the camera girl! I can't get a bee picture to save my hide. LOL!!
    Lawsy, I am'a startin' to sound like an Okie again. Maybe I was out in the sun to much today.
    Joeks, you are spot on!

  6. The bee on the lilac looks great! All photos are very nice.
    You are good, that you knew the name of my umbrella plant!