Thursday, May 29, 2008

Today is Thursday

Thirteen Reasons to take a blogging break...
1. My shoulder hurts.
2. Time goes slower when I'm not on the computer.
3. Mornings would be more productive.
4. I have lots to do.
5. I need more sunshine.
6. My husband would be smiling.
7. I would have time to paint.
8. I could weed the gardens.
9. There is no computer on the back porch.
10. My Bible is calling.
11. My house needs attention.
12. Jazz wants to go for an orchard walk.
13. I need to plan the next school year.
Actually, I can be pretty productive in the morning if I just decide not to check my email, the news,... or... my blog (along with several others). I think I will try avoiding the computer altogether in the morning hours and set an afternoon time to check up on the news and my friends. Summer afternoons are often spent in the cool of the house anyway and by 3 o'clock in the afternoon, most of my major tasks should be done. Don't worry if I skip a day or two here and there, I'm not leaving, just taking a break. Picture me down at the park with my daughter and grandson (that's where I was today) or over at Rachel's dipping my feet in the pool. Then again, maybe I'm out on the back porch with a pitcher of iced tea waiting for Judi.


  1. That's a good idea to have an afternoon time set to check the computer, but why is it that every time I sit down to take a break it's calling my name?

  2. Do you have a cell phone with texting? you don't have to take a break, you can just learn to blog from your phone instead of the computer! I know, I'm probably not helping :-)

  3. Tori, I don't have a cell phone at all. Your dear uncle will never get me one if he knows I can use it to blog! Shhhh.....

  4. I think you are a woman of wisdom. I'll try to follow some of your advice... :)

  5. Martha, I think you are very right. If I start out on the computer in the morning, I can get so distracted. It is much better for me to do it in the evenings instead of watching t.v. or something. Please don't go away for long because I always love reading your blog!!

  6. Martha, I too realized I wasn't getting anything done in the am when on the computer. My priorities are in all the wrong order checking things first thing in the am. It sets me up for little minor disasters throughout the day. Don't mean to be negative about the computer, I can relate very well to what you wrote!

  7. It sounds like we all struggle with similar things. It is good to stay off of it sometimes.