Saturday, May 03, 2008

The Weekend

Yesterday's sinus headache returned sometime during my sleep last night making it very hard to get out of bed this morning. Actually, I stayed under the covers much longer than I should have. I finally dragged my body out of bed and into the bathroom for a shower and took some headache medicine. I really needed to go grocery shopping but time was limited by both the distance to the store and the afternoon plans. If not for the fact that we were totally out of milk and nearly out of toilet paper, with company expected tomorrow, I may have opted not to go shopping at all today.

This afternoon we went to a "servant's picnic" with our church. Uncle Ralph came a cooked up a wonderfully, delicious "Steakout" dinner. I never eat steak so it was a great treat. Very yummy! The weather was pleasant but slightly windy so it was nice to have a building to eat in. Hannah missed the dinner due to horseback riding lessons but we were able to pack one up for her to enjoy later. There were lots of leftovers, in fact we brought home an untouched pan of seasoned mashed potatoes. I wish I had a picture of Pastor Ray standing on a chair to say the blessing, but I left my camera home.

I got my shopping done this evening, Payless Shoes (for the kids this time), Walmart, Aldi, BJ's, and Wegman's, and made it home just before the rain started falling with a vengeance. I raced those black clouds all the way and had some much appreciated help bringing all the bags into the house.


  1. Uncle Ralph's BBQ sauce?!! Mmmmm! We used to buy that sauce all the time until Wegman's stopped selling it to sell their own. Now Dave has made up his own yummy version.
    I'm glad you got to enjoy your BBQ before the rain!

  2. Moms can't call in sick, huh? Glad you were able to enjoy the steakout in spite of the headache. Hope you're feeling better today. I LOVE your header!

  3. Mom didn't mention that she ate TWO steaks. She really loves that "rare" meat ;)

  4. That's so true ~~ Mom's don't get sick days. My daughter also mentioned today, mom's never really retire `` Yes, I still love mothering my adult daughters ~~when they let me.

  5. Just reading about all the stores you went was making me tired. You must have been exhausted when you got home