Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ready, Willing and Able (he's the horse)

Hannah is taking horseback riding lessons. Each week she and her friend help clean stalls and care for the horses in exchange for riding lessons. Hannah is not afraid of horses. She likes big animals much better than little ones which she claims "are useless". Personally, I am somewhat intimidated by horses and other large animals. They don't terrify me or anything, I'd just prefer to keep a safe distance. Sometimes "safe" is standing in front of them and feeding them some grass or an apple and sometimes it is me being on the opposite side of the fence.

Goats, which are half the size of horses, are not quite as intimidating... unless one decides to charge like our friend Katie's sheep sometimes do. Actually, Shelly's little dogs can be intimidating also. All they need do is snarl and snap their little jaws. I guess it is not so much the size that bids me be cautious as my unfamiliarity with the animal.

Bethany says Hannah has stolen her dream. Poor Beth, maybe someday she will learn to ride too.


  1. That is so nice, that she can do it like this (lessons in exchange for work). Melissa did that, too, sometimes. They love being around horses anyway! That looks like a brand new and beautiful stable! Very cool. Nice horse, too.

  2. What fun! I always loved horseback riding, although I've only done it a handful of times.

  3. That is fun for Hannah! How long has she been riding?

    I am not a big fan of riding horses. I had a very traumatic experience in Aruba with a Spanish speaking horse.

  4. Whoh or something like that. yee-haw. Alioop! gee, haw, wheehny ??nope I don't do horses, goats, cows or chickens. (I b a cyberchick now.)
    LOL!! While sitting the kiddos, they tried to get me to go scoop poop in the backyard. No way Jose'! That is why I don't have a cat w/catbox or a dog w/scoop-poop issues. :)

  5. I always wanted to learn to ride, ever since I was in first grade. So you can understand why I am slightly jealous, but very glad, Hannah has the opportunity to learn. Good job Hannah! Looking good!

  6. So she likes big animals, huh? It seems to me that I remember her making a comment about Sherman being too big and preferring smaller dogs. LOL!