Friday, May 23, 2008

Red, Red Robins (and a snapping turtle too!)

The weather has been just plain cold lately. Today it is starting to feel a little warmer and the sun is shining, but there is still a cold lake breeze blowing. I decided to venture out anyway and check on "my" wildlife. Mama "Migrant Shack" Robin did not appreciate me peeking at her eggs. She put up a fuss so I snapped a quick picture and left her alone.

I decided to check out the apple tree where I thought there may be a new mockingbird nest. Nope, instead I found the "Apple Tree" Robins. They weren't any more appreciative of my interest than Mama Migrant Shack had been. I almost left without a photo but some tiny bit of bravery welled up from deep within and I took one shot before heading down to the drainage ditch.

I was sure Mr. Snapping Turtle would be lazing about in the sunshine today. Sure enough, there he was. He kept a good eye on me and let me take several pictures. I decided to poke at him with an old dried out cattail stem and he turned around and disappeared under the water. I wonder if he is eating up the little frogs who have been making the ditch their hoime. A turtle's gotta eat too, I guess.

I headed back toward the house but before going in took another picture of Mr. and Mrs. "Birch Tree" Robin's nest. This is a cat's eye-view, although I'm hoping the cats aren't paying attention. All one can see of the bird is his or her tail feathers. This nest isn't near as neat and tidy as the other two, but then again this couple did go out on a limb to build it.


  1. Oh no, I've been gone a couple of days, and all your posts are wonderful... great picture and comentary..!!

  2. That is so precious! I would watch those nests, too.
    I think you got a great photo of the turtle.
    We have a nest right at our house under the roof and our patio is slowly getting full of poop :-)
    I have to put a newspaper there.... But I like having a nest at the house. I don't know what birds they are ; I will pay more atteniton!

  3. Very fun! All your names for them reminded me of how surnames evolved in the same way. You know...Mr Miller (the town miller of course), the Shoemaker's family (becoming "Shoemaker" naturally)...

    It must be wonderful to see so much wildlife. I learned that Mourning doves usually lay eggs a few times throughout the summer. We may see them back sometime. I've already observed them checking out the nest again lately.

  4. Go bob, bob,bobbing along...Along, wakeup, wakeup you sleepy head..
    :) good shots .