Saturday, May 17, 2008

Apple Blossom Parade

Every town has its annual celebration. Here we have the Apple Blossom Festival. It arrives each May round about the time the apple trees are in blossom.
Over the years the celebration has changed and evolved. We used to walk up to the parade on Saturday afternoon, return home very soon after, and wait until Sunday to enjoy a more family oriented day which included an evening fireworks display. Now the fireworks are at dusk on Saturday and I miss the small town feel of the gathering.
This year's festivities are done. I have enjoyed watching the parade, smelling the carnival food, and meeting up with friends. I even saw the apple crate race this year, something I never stuck around for previously. It looked like some good old-fashioned fun. This little guy made me wish for an ice cream cone, so we stopped at the grocery store and bought chocolate almond and mint chocolate chip ice cream and a box of cones on the way home.


  1. This little guy is too cute. He made me smile.
    I think it is nice that your town has this Apple Fest.
    The apple cart looks great!

  2. Oh, what fun. I think we only went to Apple Blossom a couple of times. I guess it is different for you now that you don't live "in town". I'm glad you had a good time!

  3. I think an Apple Fest, would be so fun...they had the Strawberry Festival in Oxnard this weekend, but we wern't able to go.

  4. I've never seen the apple cart race... just pictures! And I live right up in town - you would think I would have seen it before!!

    It was fun, I'm glad it's over. :)