Monday, April 07, 2008

Sunshine, Yes!

My morning was spent running errands. Ben went along for a haircut which didn't happen. The barber shop was closed on account of it being Monday, so he is still looking shaggy. We picked Joe's license plate up by the side of the highway where he hit the deer. I figured we might as well look for it before someone else found it. It was laying face down so no one else would have even known it was there.

It was a gorgeous afternoon. I think if I could, I would spend all day outside right now. Too bad there is still so much to do inside the house. Soon I will just leave the inside work to be done "later" and spend my time outside instead. Sofie is liking it out there more and more and she is getting used to her leash too. She doesn't struggle near as much. Jazz just wants to lay in the yard and soak up the sunshine. Pretty smart dog, I think.


  1. What happy flowers, they actually look like you, no joke, blonde and all that.

  2. Happy Belated Birthday, James!

    I thought I left this comment on your last post, but I must have hit the wrong button.

  3. arnt they wonderful Martha...those crocus..that let us know the warm weather is about to come to us..the sunshine will shine a bit longer...and the earth is ready to start sprouting all over...I must get out there and take a couple shots of my crocus also... great shots!