Thursday, April 03, 2008

A Day of Sunshine

April has arrived and with it the fluctuating temperatures of an upstate NY spring. The weather on Tuesday was gorgeous with a high temperature of 64. Yesterday we hovered near freezing, and today the sunshine has brought back a comfortable 52 degrees. The crocuses have decided it is safe to bloom and bring the first spots of bright color to an otherwise drab, brown garden.
I took advantage of the nice day and raked out the area where I am planning to build a dog run for Sofie. It will go though my flower garden and along the east side of the house where there is plenty of afternoon shade in the summer time. My dogs always want to use this area as a potty on cold winter days anyway. I've already installed my own "invisible" fence wires twice in the past, only to have them stop working midwinter. This time I want a real fence so I don't have to wonder where my little dog will wander if we happen to take our eyes off her for a few minutes. None of us want to lose another little friend to a car. That is just too hard.


  1. Yes! Spring has sprung!! However, we don't have any flowers yet.
    But the tulips are peeking out of the ground. Hurrah!

  2. It feels good to get out and not have to put on 16 layers of clothes and still shiver. :)

  3. Call 800 578-DOGS and have the Invsiible Fence Brand installed by a professional and you won't need a traditional fence.

    Just a suggestion.

  4. If I had the money I would have had it installed professionally the first time.