Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Golden Rule

Therefore, whatever you want men to do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets.
Matthew 7:12

Mercy has come up often in recent conversations. Looking out for the "little guy". Putting others first. Forgiving when I'd rather seek revenge. Sometimes mercy is not laughing when it comes at the expense of another.
Yesterday we stopped at a fast food restaurant drive-through so the boys could get a cold drink on the way home. We watched a young mother cross the parking lot, her arms and hands full of baby, purse, and a drink. The baby went into the car seat and she climbed into the driver's seat. Her drink remained on the roof of her car. I will admit, it was kind of amusing. Soon she would close the car door, start up the engine, and drive off with her drink resting on top. How long would it take before she realized it was missing? Would it fall off the front or roll down the back? Would she even notice? We weren't at Starbuck's and it wasn't a publicity stunt. Should we sit and watch, snickering the whole time, or should one of us find some mercy deep within and rescue the drink while time remained?
Maybe this week I will look purposely for "moments of mercy". How often will they arise and how willing am I to go out of my way to meet a need or offer forgiveness? Maybe you all better pray for me.


  1. You are always in my prayers, now, as to why is another question. :o)

  2. Because we could all use a little prayer. :0)

  3. What a wonderful post Martha!

    I can't belive that happened to us on the move. We pulled into a Burger King, because if had a large parking lot for the truck --
    My husband put his cup of coffee on the top of the car, to take his jacket off. As we pulled out of the parking lot I glanced back to see brown coffee running down the back window, and then the cup fly off into the distance ~~~ Where were you when we needed you??

    Love and hugs

  4. Nathan was in the driver's seat and we weren't moving in line, so I jumped out, ran across and took the cup off the roof of the car. First she looked confused and then she smiled, took her drink and said, "Thank you so much!"

    Wanda, I was at Burger King too. I'm sorry I missed you!

  5. Martha I had the same question as bethany. So glad you came to her rescue. :)