Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Baby Smiles

Here's for you, Grandmanita!


  1. Thank you from Gmj. :) That is the best!!

  2. so, ya got one of those site counters? I been back several time just to see him smile, I can't get enough of that smile he is so cute!!!

  3. ahhhh shuky durns that shore is a wonderful thing...to be able to see pictures is one fantastic thing...but then to see them moving and smiling right before our eyes...double wonderful...thankyou so very much..I keep playing it over and over...and the gentleness of Josiah rubbing on Josh's little head...sooo cute...so incredible...thankyou...I so wish I could come spend some time..soon...hugs and kisses and lottsa love to all...I must get back and play this a few more times...love also to see that deep voiced Ben (wow..couldn't believe his voice) trying to avoid being hit by a bit tire..in the previous little film...I love them...thankyou soooo much...hugs