Saturday, April 26, 2008

Out and About

I decided to go to Webster this morning. I left Hannah ourfriends who take her to horseback riding lessons and took the boys and Sofie along with me. First we stopped at Grandma's house. She enjoys a visit now and then and loves to see a little dog arrive to lick her chin and chew on her oxygen tubes. Nate walked from Grandma's house to the music store for guitar strings and Ben helped Grandpa work on rewiring his car to haul a trailer. (The lights weren't working.) I ran my errands, bought some new shoes, and enjoyed the weather.

We returned home around 3 o'clock and the boys filled the gas tanks on the lawn mowers and set off to cut the grass. Meanwhile the sky grew blacker and blacker. Lucky thing they put the mowers away before the rain started to fall. We had an awesome thunderstorm with some incredible lightening! We do need the rain but I'm afraid our summer temperatures are gone. It is supposed to be nice tomorrow and then more cold air will rush in. I'm praying it doesn't snow! The cherry trees have bossomed, the tulips are happy, and we have awakened from our winter hibernation. It will be hard enough to face "normal" temperatures again. (Minnesota, I hope your winter is over after this!)


  1. I hope so, too!!
    It was great today. Yes, we needed the rain. It was a big storm here, too.
    Nice photos!

  2. What a great life you have. Love the photo of the tulips by the chair. Gorgeous!

  3. I enjoyed the big storm sitting on the back porch with my Grandmother. :)

  4. We enjoyed the storm too, except it rained so hard it washed the dirt right out of our garden onto our sidewalk (see my blog pic).

    The temperatures are only supposed to cool down to the 50's, so I don't think we need to worry about snow. It's supposed to be like it has been by Friday!

  5. Today was just perfect. I hope the return to cool weather is short.