Thursday, April 10, 2008

Not, Never!!!


What's with little kids and cameras these days?


  1. I was laughing out cute was that!!!

    You new banner is stunning!!! Love it.

  2. : )
    In retrospect, some of our best (maybe that's not the word?) family photos are from when whoever the current four-year-old was refused to cooperate for the picture!

  3. Did you take the pic at the top of you blog? - it's beautiful.

  4. Yes, Nixter, I did. Thank you. It's from last summer. I'm a little concerned that it may not come back this year. Time will tell.

  5. yes...Martha...those bleeding the top of the page...thats your photo isn't it...beautiful!
    Now this little clip is so would probably be a winner on Americans Funniest Videos...cute!

  6. I thought the same. the banner photo is beautiful!
    there is hope! Colors will come back!!
    I was wondering,do you know when the Hummingbirds come back?
    The video is funny.

  7. Gudl, I found a migration map for ruby throated hummingbirds online. The hummingbirds have been seen in Pennsylvania so they can't be too far off. Other years I have seen them in early May.

  8. haha! Would've been Brian!! Shoot... Brian would still do that!! I have more pix of him holding his hand in front of the camera. But I guess I do the same. So I can't talk!