Monday, November 30, 2015

Internet Dieting

The month of December is much too short, and in light of this discovery, I have decided to go on an Internet Diet. I'm going to take in less Internet and in order to accomplish this most difficult feat, my laptop has been unplugged and tucked away upstairs. I still have access to our PC and I still have my tablet. We'll see how it goes...

Josiah is all moved in. He and his boxes of books arrived last night. I guess that shelf unit was just what he needed. Clothes are overrated anyway so it looks like he won't need a dresser.

Nate and Sabrina are working on their move today. Since I'm not home, I don't get to interfere. I hope it all goes well.

My friend here at work has suffered an injury and is a little bit worse for the wear. I was given a warning via another companion/aide in the form of a private message this morning and brought my crocheting along to work on while G. sleeps. She has been tucked under the covers and is mostly quiet now that she is settled. I'm not sure whether or not she'll be getting up for supper.

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