Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Down By the Bay (again)

It's not looking or feeling terribly wintry. The trees are stark and leafless, and the grass lies green across the yard. Last week I took a different route to work and ended up at the southern tip of Irondequoit Bay, with my camera.

Once upon a time 70 years ago, much to my grandma's dismay, this was my father's favorite playground. As a teen, he and a friend would often rent a boat and go out on the bay, sometimes fishing, sometimes following a creek inland or into the swsmp, and sometimes paddling to the opposite bank. Dad loved the water.

My mom did not love the water. She had fallen in a creek as a very small child and "nearly" drowned. (I don't know exactly what that means... My husband was found unconscious at  the bottom of a pool as a small child and he still swims...) Apparently Mom was a sinker because she always claimed to "swim like a rock."  Thankfully, though I wouldn't win any swimming contests, I can keep my head above water. Just please keep that seaweed off of my toes.


  1. I never knew Mom nearly drowned in a creek. I nearly drowned in Uncle Chuck's swimming pool and I was wearing a life jacket, lol! Thanks for coming to my rescue. :) I think I was fearful of the water as a small child because I knew Mom was.

    1. You tried to "swim" on your face. Ha ha! I almost drowned too by walking into the deep end like a dork. I went up and down and up and down until Pam pulled me out. The I sat on the side and felt stupid for a while. Thankfully, it did not keep me from going back intot he water. It just kept me out of the deep end.
      Not sure if it was a creek Mom "almost drowned" in but it was a small body of water. I think it was a creek.