Saturday, November 21, 2015

Into the City

I went for a different kind of drive today. Rather than heading out into the country, my son Josiah and I headed for the city of Rochester, NY. We didn't find exactly what we were looking for but we did have a nice time just being together. We only stopped and got out of the car once. Put some quarters into a parking meter, and then got back into the car less than 5 minutes later. Going downtown always intrigues me. I love the architecture of the buildings. Maybe one day I'll go back and wander around a bit. Maybe.

The spire is part of Christ Church on East Avenue in the center of the city. I love the French Gothic style which gives it a sense of age and mystery. Since I was the driver, I didn't have much time for picture taking, but the relief sculpture over the door of the old Gannett building caught my eye and the light was red. You've got to love the detail put into old buildings.

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