Thursday, November 26, 2015

I'm Thankful for Family

It's the holiday season in full swing. From here to the beginning of the new year is a whole ton of craziness. Each year we are blessed with new family members, two this year.

In January it will be
my happy bloggiversary. 
(Perhaps I'll write some poetry.)

I will celebrate ten years of blogging. A whole lot has happened in that time. Lots of hellos and a few goodbyes along the way. Time is constantly changing our circles, expanding and contracting them as it races along.

2006- Two of our children were married. We had no grandchildren.
2007- We welcomed our first grandson in October 2007, Joshua Adam.
2008- At the year's end Lucas arrived, just in time for Christmas.
2009- We bid my dad farewell in September 2009.
2010- James' dad passed on in early February.
          Simon was welcomed into the family in April.
2011- In July of 2011 Aubrey Rose came to stay, our first granddaughter.
2012- Sabrina joined our family when she and Nate were married in June of 2012, and
          Beth and Adam were bless with a second son when Jacob arrived in September.
2013- Jim and Michele were married in April, and
          Austin made his debut the very last day of July 2013.
2014- Mom flew away to join Dad that February.
           Spencer James joined Nate and Sabrina in October.
This year we added two more family members...
2015- Little Jilly was born September 3 of this year (Josh and Jake were blessed with a sister), and
          we added Sergio when he and Hannah were married two weeks later on September 18.

I was blessed this morning by my Kitchen Helper who stuffed the turkey, peeled the potatoes, and helped me clean the kitchen. It was a busy several hours. Dinner was delicious and I ate too much, of course...

We had sixteen for Thanksgiving dinner, if you count the baby who didn't eat any turkey. I didn't do any fancy decorating, but I did clean the house. We used paper plates again. I've had plenty of holiday dinners where it felt like the clean up would never end. We don't own a dishwasher, so I am grateful for both paper plates and those who always lend a hand when it's time to do the dishes. Maybe one day I'll get out Grandma's china. She used to put on a fancy dinner on special occasions, but I'll probably save that for a time when there aren't quite so many little boys running through the house.

Dessert was just yummy. The pumpkin pie was perfect! I think there's even a piece left for tomorrow's breakfast. I can hardly wait.


  1. Glad you had a great day...
    Perhaps ask your helper for a dishwasher for Christmas!!
    Wouldn't that be nice :o)
    enjoy your leftovers!

    linda :o)

    1. Perhaps one will come with the new kitchen. Perhaps.

  2. Happy Bloggiversary!
    I missed seeing my family at Thanksgiving. Allen and Alicia are home. We will make it a point to have them see you guys over Christmas. We are going back to Ovid tomorrow. There are some family members who will be there that they didn't see on Thursday.

    Tonight Alicia, Audra, and I went to see the Nutcracker Ballet at the Eastman Theater. I'm 48 years old and it's the first time I've ever gone to a real ballet.

    1. My kids are asking when we're going to get together with you guys and Rachel's family. They're looking forward to seeing all of you too.

      I have never been to a real ballet.