Friday, November 06, 2015

The Naughties vs The Nephews

Sleep doesn't come easy when the sound of your own blood pulsating through your body is echoed in your ear every time the room gets quiet...

Our Indian Summer is almost over, and though I missed the first three days, I did get outside for a while yesterday. Hannah came over with "the nephews" and they were eager to play in the cars, which I had lined up under my naked sassafras trees to wait for snowman season. They got one more good workout from three energetic little boys and are now parked once again under the trees to await a good packy snowfall.

The Naughties enjoyed our visit from the nephews and didn't mind at all when they were chased across the yard and up into a tree or behind some bushes. I think they were excited to be out running through the leaves.They're growing up, those Naughties, and I'm beginning to think upon that fateful day when I will need to cart them off to the vet to be "neutralized."
Sadly, we do not qualify for all those wonderful low-income spay/neuter programs offered to the "less fortunate." There goes two weeks of sitting on my rear end just to pay for a few quick snips. (Anybody got a strong stomach and a nice pair of clippers?)

Speaking of the nephews, Hannah's little nephew Leo has taken to calling me "Granny." He must have misheard them saying "Grammy..." I had to smile a little bit. My daughter gets married and I inherit some more grandchildren. How cool is that?


  1. "Anybody got a strong stomach and a nice pair of clippers?" Sounds like something Dad would say, lol! What a beautiful week it was!

    1. Yes, he had a story about somebody, Uncle Joe maybe, who stuffed a kitten face down in a boot and gave him a "quick operation." The kitten was a bit traumatized by the experience and was unconscious when he pulled him back out again. Of course, maybe it was a little hard to breathe upside down in a farmer's old boot... Dad thought the story was funny and in the end, the cat turned out to be okay, minus a part or two.