Monday, November 23, 2015

The White Stuff Falls

The yard was a blanket of white this morning. I was thankful for a fire in the wood stove as it took away the chill that surely  would have enveloped me otherwise. I told the Barefoot Lumberjack that I would put some more fuel on the fire before I left for work, if I remembered, but I forgot. Good thing Sofie, Little Cat, and the Naughties have fur coats!

It was a genuine wintry morning, complete with the need to brush accumulated snow from my vehicle, drive through a blizzard on Rte 104 in Ontario, and back into the sunshine again in Webster. I wore my winter coat and pretty red mittens. It would have been a great day for Snowmen in Cars had I not needed to stop at the credit union on my way to work.

I've been fighting a headache today. The desire to put my head down, close my eyes, and resign myself to sleep was all but impossible this afternoon. Ibuprofen was my friend today as it feels like somebody smacked my head down a little too hard on my shoulders. Makes me wish I'd actually gone to visit the chiropractor last week, but by the time Thursday morning arrived, last week's ache in the back of my neck had started to subside. Besides, I was busy. Hopefully work associated aches and pains do not become a regular occurrence.

I'm blogging at work while my friend dozes in a living room recliner. Another resident is repeating  my unspoken thoughts, "I wanna go home. I wanna go home..." I guess there are moments when we all long for the comfort of our very own dwellings. It won't be long before I'm on my way. After my arrival I'll upload some photos and press "publish".


  1. It was a slick drive to workfor me this morning, but I mad it without any mishaps. Glad you did too.

    I hate that feeling when your head feels pushed into your shoulders...been there. I love it when the Chiropractor pulls on my head.. Feels so good. :)

    1. I should have gone while I had the chance on Friday morning, but it felt like my days off were suddenly busy. Funny how that pulling on your head can feel good.

  2. You got a lot of snow!
    We got a bit overnight...
    Not quite ready for this yet....:o(
    Hope your headache is gone...
    Linda :o)

    1. Still working on the headache but I'll survive.
      I'm not quite ready for the snow either but we've had such a great fall that I can't complain.