Sunday, November 01, 2015

November First

We went out to lunch after church and then we went down to the lake for a look at the water. It was a warm November afternoon with sunshine and gorgeous cloud formations. The wind blew stiff but not terribly cold and the waves left bubbles on the speckled beach. Here and there a spot of gold or a bit of orange brightened the otherwise gray shore littered with bits of stone, shells, and driftwood.

Mixed amid the bits of beach were smalls tufts of white feathers stuck into the sand. By spring washed beach glass will be scattered too leaving touches of white, green, and amber.

There is a unique beauty in late autumn unrivaled by the other three seasons. There is nothing quite like unspotted blankets of snow in mid winter, the bright greens of spring, or the brightly colored flowers of summer, but the feel and colors of autumn are my favorite and the excitement of falling leaves always leaves me in wonder. I only wish I had the time to savor its goodness and wander in its loveliness a bit longer.


  1. Hi Martha....
    It is going to be a beautiful week....
    Hope you get back down to the beach...
    Happy November....
    Linda :o)

    1. I hope so too, Linda!
      The swing bridge is back in tomorrow (by Irondequoit Bay) so who knows? Maybe I'll go to work via Lake Rd one day.