Monday, November 16, 2015

Playing Games

So, I'm trying something new again. I put my photos on before I left home this morning and am just now adding text from work while my friend takes her afternoon rest. Looks like I will need to rearrange the photos later... They're not moving for me right now. (Well, not aside from disappearing altogether...)

I don't know if this gray squirrel is the same Mr. or Mrs. Gray who frequented the trees on the west side of the house last winter, but he or she was quite enthralled with our party yesterday afternoon. Too bad I couldn'the invite the poor creature in for a slice of apple pie and a cup of coffee.

It's another gorgeous day and I am attempting to be thankful for my friend's big window, which at the very least allows me to enjoy the sunshine and the now mostly bare trees in the facility courtyard. By the time I leave it will once again be cold and dark.

I've not been sleeping well at night this past week. Even when the body is tired, the mind is all too often unable to rest. Sometimes, even when the mind is tired, sleep is impossible. Of course, if I could, sleep would come easy right now. I don't suppose reading a book will keep me awake... *yawn*


  1. I have the same problems with my Ipad, when I post from the sunny south!
    By the time I figure it all out, it is time to come home! the time I go back, I forget how to do it!
    This time, I will make a few notes....
    Not the mental kind! Hahaha!
    Enjoy your evening...
    Linda :o)

    1. My ipad is small, just 7 inches, but it fits in my bag and keeps me busy for a little while each afternoon. I prefer my laptop,

  2. Hey Martha....Love you little squirrel friends. Nice shots. Things finally slowed down today. I hope the rest of the week is the same. Really need to clean house. Don and I continue our prayer time every morning and love praying for you and your family. Sending hugs..

    1. Thank you. It means so much.
      I love you.