Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Tomorrow is Christmas...

... it's practically here!

I think I might be ready by the my family arrives tomorrow. There are some perks to being the grandparents, one of them being we'll have a quiet morning while the mommies and daddies get the early morning Christmas chaos and confusion. We can sleep in, make pancakes in the morning, and tidy up just before the kids arrive to totally destroy the place. (I kid... kind of.)

We've done our buying and wrapping. I bought boxes at Walmart for 48 cents and wrapped them up pretty. My Darling helped me fill in some of the blank spots when we went out shopping the other day. (He;s braver than me when it comes to Christmas shopping.) I wish I could tell you I am relaxed, but that doesn't typically happen in until Christmas Day is done and we settle in to watch A Muppet Christmas Carol.

I was going to put my lasagna together tonight, and I still might, but tomorrow is sounding better all the time. We're going to cook up some breakfast for supper and go to the Christmas Eve service. No midnight one this year, although I did love the midnight service I went to a couple years ago.

I pray you all have a wonderful holiday, that you find laughter with friends and family, and that the love of Christ would fill your day.


  1. Merry Christmas! I'm excited about tomorrow...and I'm ready!

    1. Merry Christmas, Priscilla! Have a wonderful day.

      PS. See you Sunday.