Sunday, December 07, 2014

Roasty Toasty

A wood stove is good for cozy fires. On blustery days we cluster round it, but yesterday I put it to use in another way. I found myself a few marshmallow sticks out in the back yard and toasted up a few sticky treats.

Today, after church and a quick run to the store for some salad fixings, I spent some time out in my kitchen with a giant bowl of cookie dough and my rolling pin. I am now in possession of a sky full of stars, a forest of trees, a crowd of snowmen, and a herd of miniature horses, We have stockings, candy canes, bells, and wreaths too. Now all I need is a large amount of frosting, a ton of sprinkles, and several children willing to help me decorate them.


  1. I bet those marshmallows were so yummy with a feeling of outdoors and autumn mixed in there!

    I wish I had those cookies baked. It's on my list for this week...I'm thinking snowy owls.

    1. They were yummy and a perfect mix of outside and autumn.