Thursday, December 25, 2014

A Quiet Christmas

Our Christmas morning was quiet and relaxed. I baked a package of refrigerated cinnamon rolls for breakfast. A few red, white, and green sprinkles made them look festive, perfect for Christmas morning. We drank our coffee and orange juice while nibbling the sweet treats. They sat staring at us from the plate afterward and I had to cover the remaining three with a plastic bowl to keep them quiet.

We'd expected at least four of our seven children for an afternoon dinner of lasagna and tossed salad but Josh was sick in the night and Bethany was feeling ill with respiratory symptoms. They decided it best to stay home and I put together a smaller lasagna than originally intended. Dave and Leta came with the kids, Josiah was here, and Hannah too. I'd say it was unusually quiet, but we still had three little people to liven things up. Lucas told me that if they were allowed to jump on my couches, he could show me a really cool trick...

We did not trade gifts, although we'd planned to, instead we decided to wait until our big Sunday gathering when hopefully everyone will be feeling good again. We did have Hannah open a special gift that her dad put together this week. I've had the photo for quite a while, it was just waiting to be framed. My Darling did a very nice job, if I do say so myself, although there is a sad element to the picture too. Mac, the horse in the photo, was taken in a seizure at the farm where she used to ride and Hannah hasn't seen him in over a year even though we knew where he was taken.

Our son Jim called this afternoon from Minnesota. I'm hoping to kiss my firstborn in just a couple of days, to hug his sweet wife, and give that curly haired grandson a cuddle or two if I can catch him (or get him away from his grandfather...).


  1. Sounds like you had a nice time. Saturday will be quite lively I'm sure. Love the picture Hannah got...I'm sure she was thrilled!

  2. It has been very good to have our firstborn home too!