Friday, February 18, 2011

She's Okay, He's Okay

I got a Facebook message from my daughter this morning. It said, "I'm here! And I like Wanda!" I found a smile creeping over my face. I went to sleep last night with no worries. I knew she would love Wanda, and I'm pretty sure Wanda will love Bethany too. I'm praying they have a wonderful time together today even if it does rain in southern California. Tomorrow she continues on.

Here the sun is shining. My driveway, which was a sheet of solid ice on Monday, is now a muddy mess. Andrew found the puddles wonderful for stomping in and I wished I had taken my camera out to snap some pictures.

Andrew is now attempting to play the piano while my mother tells him to "Get down and get outta there." He tells her "No," and "I'm okay." I really don't mind if he plays the old piano for a little while, but how do I balance that with her request that he leave it alone? Oh, the decisions... For now I am staying out of it and just listening. I have told her enough times that "he's okay" when she is telling him to stop something or other, and that is why he now tells her this. I am afraid I'm breeding disrespect and that is something I did not intend. But, children will spin themselves in circles, they will climb, they will do things that drive old people mad, and usually, they are okay.

I suppose it's time for me to go and keep the child entertained, or maybe be entertained by him. :)


  1. I love her big time, and she gave me a hug from you this morning, and it felt good!

  2. can you find a "busy Project" for mom? something to distract her. It's got to be tough, I feel your angst.

  3. I don't know, Judi. She is not interested in her crocheting... But I can chose to be thankful and I am working on that. :)

  4. I'm so glad she made it to CA safely and is with a friend. Thank you Lord, and thank you Wanda.