Friday, February 25, 2011

Maria's Note

"hi Mrs Teal, Beth just called me, she wanted me to tell u that she is doing fine (she is in Medan now) and tomorrow she will be flying to Manado and fly over in Jakarta for 2 hours.she met her adopted child already and she cried so long, when she had to leave.she said she missed her ...son was nice knowing that she is doing fine in Indonesia. we were talking for more than 15 mins.she said she couldn't call u guys... after 3 days in Manado she will be flying back to Singapore.. too bad I will not be able to see her..or send something to u all from here :( I asked her whether she could get out from jakarta's airport so I can meet her ( too bad it's a short layover..) :'("
This was on my Facebook wall this morning, a note from our friend Maria who lives in Jakarta. I found myself feeling teary and smiling, both at the same time. I have kept up with the toll free updates, prayed continually for my daughter, and checked the itinerary several times, but there is something about getting a personal note that touches the heart...

Thank you for your prayers.


  1. Oh Martha, how nice to read this personal note of Maria...

    I was looking at my March calendar this moring, and looking forward to Bethany's arrival March 3rd. Know you are so anxious to see her too.

    Love and Hugs and prayers......

  2. Where is the "like" button. I have been praying for her too. I can't wait to see her and to hear the stories of her travels!

  3. Ugh...Jake keeps popping up, sorry.

  4. I so love Jakie's post!
    you know I always worry when adult kids travel.

  5. Rachel, I am looking forward to your return also. And Jake always makes me smile.

    Judi, they are our children no matter how old they grow or where life's travels take them.

  6. What a great note!! I was just praying for her this morning:-)