Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Day, Valentine!

Happy Valentine's Day to My Darling.

Once I made a list about him. Here it is. Let's see if anything has changed...

1. He loves cookies and ice cream.
2. He's pretty good at driving a Bobcat. (Sold that.)
3. He doesn't wear a watch.
4. He has a mustache and beard in the winter.
5. He usually shaves his beard for the summer.
6. He can find mint chocolate no matter where I hide it. (I'll have to try this out again some day.)
7. He has four older sisters and one younger brother.
8. He likes babies but not their noisy crying.
9. He always buys new clothes for a wedding. (We'll see when Nate and Sabrina get married.)
10. He doesn't like snow.
11. He doesn't know where I hide my candy. (I think he has a pretty good idea now...)
12. He will be looking for it.
13. He likes to have control of the remote. (Now that we don't watch regular television he doesn't mind giving it up.)
14. He cries at Cinderella. (Some things never change.)
15. He cooks great breakfasts. (I wonder if he still knows how?)
16. He was born in Japan.
15. He is Canadian and American.
16. He is not Japanese.
17. He used to live in Albuquerque.
18. He loves green and red chiles. (Need to get some more of those.)
19. He also likes seaweed.
20. He has a 6 year old step sister. (Imani is now almost eleven.)
21. He likes cats. (Um... yeah, but not what they leave on the floor some mornings...)
22. He does not like loud noises.
23. He doesn't like lima beans or liver.
24. He has muscles like Popeye.
25. He does not smoke a pipe.
26. He wears glasses to see far away and takes them off to read. (This one is getting a little iffy...)
27. He is not a grandfather. (Well, he is now!)
28. He owns a sawmill. (Sold that.)
29. He's looking forward to summer.
30. He climbs trees. (I have not seen him in a tree in a while. He should probably stay down.)
31. He has a monkey suit which he wears outside when it's really, really cold. (Not seen that monkey suit this year.)
32. He doesn't ski.
33. He could if he wanted to. (He could also break his leg.)
34. He has blue eyes.
35. He never wrote a book.
36. He needs a new wedding band. (Still... )
37. He doesn't own a pogo stick. (But his birthday's coming.)
38. He drives a big white van. (Hm, he had a big yellow one for a while there, but we're back to white again now.)


  1. Very cute!

    Happy Valentine's Day to you! ♥

  2. Funny... Happy Valentines Day Mom and Dad!

  3. Love it!!!

    Happy Valentines Day dear friend.

  4. Sigh... to be so young again! Yesterday's youth but with today's wisdom--that would be heaven.

  5. Karen, I think it might be. :)