Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dear Lord...

Dear Lord,

This New Year I ask that you give me more wisdom and insight; wisdom to know what to do or say when circumstances and situations are beyond my knowing, and insight to see ahead of time when trouble is looming down the road, especially trouble that can be avoided.

I don't want to throw stones, Lord, and I truly want to believe the best, but sometimes the best is not reality. Sometimes I am naive, sometimes I am blind, sometimes I have looked the other way when I should have been paying attention. Sometimes I have simply done what I thought was best instead of seeking Your advice. Please forgive me, Lord, and show me how to deal with what is now before me.

Beams and specks... help me to know the difference...

Shine the light of Your word on my path that I might follow in Your footsteps instead of making my own way in the world.

Pour Your love in and through me that I might love those you bring into my life. Sometimes it is hard, Lord, especially when they give so many reasons to be hurt or angry instead.

Teach me to judge the thoughts and intents of my own heart, to give to You that which causes my heart to become hard and callous, and to become pliable in Your Hand.

May I learn to trust you more each day, to thank you for each blessing you bestow, and to cherish every breath.

May I treasure every loved one, forgive their mistakes and misdeeds, and remember that even they won't be around forever.

And please Lord, keep the memory of my dad alive in my heart and mind. Please tell him that I love him and we're taking care of Mom.



  1. Martha~ what a beautiful and touching prayer. My heart cries the same for 2010.

    I lost both my mom and dad at holiday seasons. My mom at Thanksgiving, and dad at Christmas.
    It's always hard, but I know you Dad is looking down and knows how much you love him, and how you girls are taking care of mom.

    Love you tons

  2. Oh, I think we all need to pray this, Martha. Thanks for posting it!

  3. Yes, this is a great prayer.
    All the best for you, Martha, for 2010.

  4. What a lovely inspires me in so many ways.
    Happy New Year!

  5. When my heart is hurting, the best place to go is to the feet of the One who knows exactly what I need.

    Wanda, I love you tons too. :)

    Betsy, I will need to come back here several times through out the year to help remind myself.

    Gudrun, I wish you all the best too. (And I'm looking forward to my birthday.)

    Jill, thank you for stopping by and leaving a note. Maybe we can get to know each other more in the months to come. :)